VIDEO: Max Kellerman's Kobe Bryant Take Makes Molly Qerim Walk Off Set


Well folks, it finally happened. Max Kellerman gave a take so scalding, so spicy, that First Take host Molly Qerim simply couldn’t do it anymore. Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened earlier.

Kellerman was discussing’s All-Decade teams, which have been the center of some debate since being released yesterday. He believes including Kobe Bryant was an egregious error. That’s a strong take, but not quite “leave the room” level. That came in the form of his next statement, in which he declared Kobe belonged on the “All-Decade worst team.”

Now, as a longtime Celtics fan, I’m here for some good-spirited Kobe slander. But I completely understand why Qerim just walked away. Bryant’s final two years following his torn Achilles definitely were not good. But from 2010-2013, he averaged about 26 points per game. It wasn’t the Bryant of old, but he wasn’t that terrible. There’s a solid argument to be made that he doesn’t belong on this All-Decade team, and in my humble opinion the absence ofDirk Nowitzki is far worse.

Between this and yet another Tom Brady take yesterday, Kellerman seems to have a penchant for picking on the old dudes who are among the greatest to play their respective sports. A tough pair of targets, but the people are talking, and that’s the whole game.