VIDEO: Matt Hardy Whacked Pat McAfee With a Kendo Stick During WWE Watchalong

Ryan Glasspiegel

Pat McAfee was hosting WWE’s WatchAlong sidecast for the Extreme Rules event on Sunday night and wound up taking a bump of his own. Egged on by McAfee’s former Colts teammate Baron Corbin (Corbin was on the team in the 2009 offseason), Matt Hardy whacked the host in the back with a Kendo stick.

For anyone who says WWE is fake, yes it’s true that the results are predetermined, but there is no way to make something like this not hurt like the dickens. McAfee had a gigantic welt on his back and he’ll undoubtedly be feeling this for a week or more.

Afterwards, it was turned into a bit by Hardy, who says he was the victim because he was bullied by Corbin into doing it: