VIDEO: Matt Bonner Bought a Tiny House For Some Reason

Stephen Douglas

Matt Bonner has played in just 25 games for the San Antoino Spurs this season, leaving him plenty of time to search for the perfect tiny house? Bonner recently appeared on Tiny House Nation on FYI. (FYI is also the home of a show where Snooki flips house on the Jersey shore. Seriously.)

Tiny houses have seen an insane rise in popularity over the last couple years. (HGTV appears to have THREE shows about tiny houses.) This is especially unbelievable because I’m fairly certain the first time anyone actually heard of a tiny house was in a Geico commercial which seemed absurd at the time.

Anyway, Bonner and his family now own a tiny house. Why? I have no clue. I hope it was explained on the show. According to Basketball-Reference, Bonner has made over $28,000,000 in his career. Hopefully, he also has a normal-sized home.