VIDEO: Marta's Message to Young Soccer Players Is Inspiring

The Big Lead

Brazil was eliminated early from its second straight Women’s World Cup and the aging roster will be replaced by a crop of fresh faces four years from now. Marta, one of the most accomplished players in the country’s storied history, delivered a post-game message to the younger players at home and it will have them ready to run through a brick wall.

“It’s wanting more,” she said. “It’s training more. It’s taking care of yourself more. It’s being ready to play 90 plus 30 minutes. This is what I ask of the girls. There’s not going to be a Formiga forever. There’s not going to be a Marta forever. There’s not going to be a Christiane. The women’s game depends on you to survive. So think about that. Value it more. Cry in the beginning so you can smile in the end.”

Work hard and push through the challenges is a common message. But it resonates a lot more when it comes from a person who has done it for nearly two decades. Marta understands that youth engagement will determine Brazil’s future success and is certainly doing her part.