VIDEO: Marlon Humphrey Chokes Odell Beckham Jr. on Football Field

Bobby Burack
Marlon Humphrey, Odell Beckham Jr.
Marlon Humphrey, Odell Beckham Jr. /

Odell Beckham Jr. and Marlon Humphrey got into this afternoon. Most notably from the scuffle was what looked like a legit choke job from Humphrey to Beckham.

Yikes, that is not what we call a football move. And that is the conclusion you will get from whatever angle you are looking at it from. The two had been going at it all game, but it was hard to imagine that it would result in some chocking.

Neither player was ejected, but both were called for offsetting personal foul penalties. But as anyone that just watched would know, Humphrey should have been sent packing.