VIDEO: Markieff Morris Tried to Pants Seth Curry from the Bench, Got Away With It

Kyle Koster

Washington outlasted Portland, 125-124 in overtime. It was a hard-fought game and both teams played hard. It also featured one of the weirdest bits of cheating you’ll ever see.

The Blazers had the ball and a chance to win a tied game at the end of regulation. Seth Curry was positioned in front of the Wizards bench as Dame Lillard brought the ball toward the three-point line. Markieff Morris, who was not in the game, reached out and tugged on Curry’s shorts while the play was developing.

Now, was the ball going to go to Curry? Likely not. But is a guy riding the pine allowed to get all handsy with another player’s seat? Not in MY NBA, folks. That said, the league is changing. Perhaps this is all fine and good because it provides #socialcontent and eyeball emojis. Sometimes it’s hard to know where the showmanship ends and actual competition begins.

What’s next? Wedgies? Deep-tissue massages? Paddling? Just how far can this go without any repercussions?