VIDEO: Mark Schlereth Went In on Former Teammate John Elway and the Broncos

Ryan Glasspiegel

It's not uncommon to see, hear, or read the take that John Elway should not be in charge of the Denver Broncos for much longer, but criticism of him carries a lot more weight when it comes from Mark Schlereth on FS1's Speak for Yourself. Schlereth blocked for Elway on both of his Super Bowl teams, hosts daily radio in Denver, and doesn't trust Elway to fix what he calls the "multitude of sins" afflicting the team.

This was raw emotion from Schlereth, and really compelling to see. The part about the offensive line not being worth a "squirt of urine" in half a decade was particularly impactful.

The Super Bowls Elway won as a player and his success in wooing Peyton Manning to Denver are looking more and more distant in the rearview. Elway has probably benefitted a little bit not just from his past but also the fact that the Broncos' ownership situation is so murky.