VIDEO: Mark Richt Gives Extremely Detailed Sandwich-Eating Demonstration

Kyle Koster

The ACC Network is in its infancy and, as we all know, that's the wildest time of any startup. Testing boundaries, throwing things at the wall, and just going for it in an outside-the-box type of way is dangerous and exhilarating. Things can go off the rails in a bad way, but all great art requires risk.

And Mark Richt breaking down his sandwich-eating routine is definitely art.

This is world-class commitment to the bit. For those two minutes, nothing was more important than the methodology used to get those two triangle halves into Richt's digestive system with both efficiency and flair.

It's refreshing to see someone care about something so much.

This may be a heat-of-the-moment opinion, but Richt's segment has to be pretty high up in the pantheon of food acting. We all know that Robert De Niro is the champion with his performance in Copland.

Richt, of course, is just an amateur. Give him a few years and a greasier sub, though, and we could be looking at the next championship belt-holder.