Video: Mark Ingram Suffers Non-Contact Leg Injury

Ryan Glasspiegel
Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Mark Ingram suffered a non-contact lower leg injury in today's game against the Browns. On a handoff that he didn't actually take, Ingram headed to the ground. When he got up, he immediately went back down, apparently unable to put any weight on the injured leg.

The Ravens announced that Ingram has a calf injury and is questionable to return. Hopefully this is not something that will cause him to miss the playoffs, as the Ravens' rushing attack featuring Ingram and Lamar Jackson has been a large part of why they are formidable Super Bowl contenders.

On the same drive, Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews also came up limping at various points.

Update: Comparatively good news on Andrews, who had briefly left the game: