VIDEO: Marcus Peters and Jalen Ramsey Jawing After Monday Night Football

Stephen Douglas

Marcus Peters and Jalen Ramsey had to be separated after the Baltimore Ravens blew out the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football. The defnsive backs were seen exchanging words as teams exchanged pleasantries following the Ravens 45-6 win.

Apparently, Peters had some words for the Rams sideline after his interception and Ramsey had something to say about it.

In addition to the actual score, it looks like the Rams lost the mental battle, which Ramsey will explain, is 90-percent of the game.

Peters started the season on the Rams, but was traded to the Ravens on October 15th. That is the same day that the Rams acquired Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

UPDATE: Peters kept talking all the way to the locker room.

Unfortunately, the Rams and Ravens will not meet again unless the Minnesota Vikings collapse and the Rams sneak into the playoffs and make an improbable run to the Super Bowl.