VIDEO: Mai Tai Guy Is a Wrigley Bleachers Villain for the Ages

Ryan Glasspiegel

"Ok Twitter. Do your job. Identify “Mai Tai Guy” who stole Cubs Home Run ball from some little kids.#Cubs #MLB — Representative Pat Garofalo (@PatGarofalo) July 17, 2019"

It has been an eventful week in the Wrigley Field bleachers. Albert Almora observed a brawl from centerfield, the beer cup snakes in the section could mark a bourgeoning war between the Cubs’ business side and Barstool Chicago, and now we’ve got a fan in a Mai Tai Guy shirsey sniping Kyle Schwarber’s walk-off home run ball from a couple of meddling kids.

This guy is such a quintessential villain for a baseball crowd that it’s hard to believe he’s not out of Central Casting. What type of human customizes a jersey like that? I must know who he is and everything else about him.