VIDEO: Why In The World Was This LSU Catch Allowed?

Kyle Koster
Auburn v LSU
Auburn v LSU / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

LSU is all over Alabama, outplaying them on the field and getting some help from the officials. One of their many touchdowns came after a questionable call allowed a Thaddeus Moss completion to stand near the goal line.

Moss appeared to step out of bounds on his volition before making the grab. An official review upheld the catch, somehow, despite the clear and concise explanation from rules analyst Gene Steratore who said it should have been illegal touching.

I have thought about this from every angle and still can't understand what happened here. Perplexing stuff.

Of course, the Tigers are dominating in every facet of the game and probably would have found the end zone anyway, but still a weird happenstance.