VIDEO: Lil Wayne Texted Skip Bayless a Good Omen About Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur

Ryan Glasspiegel

A very NFL offseason story came to a conclusion on Monday when Matt LaFleur told reporters that Aaron Rodgers would indeed have audible freedom.

Lil Wayne, a Packers fan and friend of the Undisputed program, texted Skip Bayless yesterday that Rodgers and LaFleur have something up their sleeve for the NFL season opener against the Bears on Thursday, and seemed to be of the belief that the quarterback and his new coach were playing a little bit of possum with everybody this offseason.

If that doesn’t send you running full sprint to your bookie hammering the over number and possibly a Super Bowl future for the Packers, nothing will.

In all seriousness, as a Packers fan I’m of the hope that Wayne is onto something here, and can’t wait to see whether he’s right or not.