VIDEO: LeBron James Completely Unfazed By Scoops Callahan, The Phrase 'Razzmatazz Hop Skiddily-Doo'

Kyle Koster
Charlotte Hornets v Los Angeles Lakers
Charlotte Hornets v Los Angeles Lakers / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Scoops Callahan is a time-traveling journalist sent to the future to bring the spirit of hardscrabble, Grantland Rice-like print reporting to the technology-addicted masses. He's not for everyone. And just when you completely forget about his existence, he crops up to totally change the tenor of a press conference or interview session.

Ol' Front Page Callahan was at Lakers shootaround today to ask LeBron James about the challenge Dallas' Luka Doncic presents -- in language everyone uses.

This may be the smoothest an athlete has handled the eccentric muckracker. James was at once completely nonplussed and willing to drift away to a magical land where such magical language is used.

This is truly a man who has seen everything and can't be thrown. Well, except for that one time.