VIDEO: LeBron James Ponders a Hypothetical College Career

By Geoff Magliocchetti
Los Angeles Lakers Media Day
Los Angeles Lakers Media Day / Harry How/Getty Images

With a new NBA season on the horizon, LeBron James took some time to look into a past that never was.

The Los Angeles Lakers star began his NBA career by going straight from high school to professional basketball. An Akron native, James is still nonetheless consistently associated with Ohio State University. At the Lakers media day on Monday, James theorized how a fictional tenure as Buckeye would play out.

Illustrious as it may have been, James was quick to point out it would not have led to monetary gains for he and his family, a jab at the NCAA's highly criticized amateurism rules.

"I would have been one of those kids if I had went off to Ohio State or if I had went off to any one of these big-time colleges where pretty much that 23 jersey would have been sold all over the place," he said. "My body would have been on the NCAA Basketball Game 2004. The Schottenstein Center (Ohio State's basketball arena) would have been sold out every single night if I was and my mom didn't have anything, we wouldn't have been able to benefit at all from it, and the university would have been able to capitalize on everything."

James has been an outspoken critic on the NCAA's refusal to compensate student-athletes. The state of California passed a bill earlier this year that will allow athlete to profit off their names and likenesses. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the legislation on a recent episode of The Shop, an HBO reality talk series created and hosted by James.