VIDEO: LaVar Ball Sees Rajon Rondo as a "Little Backup" to Lonzo


CNN’s Chris Cuomo deemed it necessary to have human mouthpiece and only occasional reality-grasper LaVar Ball on his nightly program Tuesday. News was made and controversy heightened. Success!

For instance, Ball acted surprised to learn that the Los Angeles Lakers had signed Rajon Rondo, who is expected to compete with his son Lonzo for playing time. The Ball patriarch was unconcerned about the Big Baller Brand taking a backseat.

“That don’t mean nothing,” Ball said. “Just got another teammate. Another teammate, that’s all. A little backup, that’s good. I never worry about competition because I know my boys are better than that.”

Ball also suggested the Lakers need to play fast, which is interesting since James is not known, at this stage of his career, for playing at a breakneck speed. He then set a reasonable expectation of L.A. winning two championships in James’ four years and made some big claims about his other sons eventually joining the roster.

Will this be the last time LaVar Ball says some bombastic things during an interview? Stay tuned.

If you can’t tell from my tone, I’m a bit doubtful this whole James-Ball situation is going to go smoothly. There can only be one alpha and it’s probably going to be the best basketball player on the planet, not some 50-year-old dad.