VIDEO: LaMelo Ball's Jumpshot Sucks

By Kevin Gamgort

In his Drew League debut, LaMelo Ball went off. He dropped a game-high 25 points and wowed the crowd with a series of flashy passes and dunks throughout the game.

What’s even more impressive than this, LaMelo is able to maintain success despite having awful form on his jump shot.

Basketball purists can only cringe at the sight of the Big Baller Brandprotege’s shot. At the top of his shot, it looks more like he’s catching the ball or attempting a mid-air pass rather than shooting. Two-handed shots aren’t the prettiest to watch.

It’s pretty remarkable that LaMelo has been able to maintain consistent success with one of the most mechanically unsound shooting forms in recent memory. It’s gotta be right up there with Joakim Noah and Shawn Marion in ugliness.

With his big brother Lonzo altering his uncharacteristic form once he got to the NBA, LaMelo may be heading down the same path. Either way, it doesn’t seem to worry the Big Baller himself, who stated that LaMelo will be the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Keep dreaming Lavar.