VIDEO: Kyle Rudolph Made an Insane One-Handed Touchdown Catch

Stephen Douglas
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions / Leon Halip/Getty Images

Kyle Rudolph scored the first touchdown in Sunday night's Dallas Cowboys - Minnesota Vikings game. The score came on what might be the longest and best 1-yard touchdown pass in NFL history.

Kirk Cousins rolled left off play-action and didn't appear to have anywhere to go with the ball. Rudolph had his hand up in the back of the end zone, but it looked impossible in real time. Then Cousins threw the ball and Rudolph made an OBJ-esque one-handed catch at the back of the end zone.

What a grab. What a throw. It looked like Cousins was throwing the ball away, but it was actually a ball put where only his guy could catch it. Congratulations to everyone involved.