VIDEO: Kurt Suzuki Dons MAGA Hat During Nationals White House Visit

Liam McKeone

The Washington Nationals, as you may have heard, won the World Series last week. They had their parade over the weekend, and with Monday came the traditional visit to the White House for the champs. Obviously, being D.C.'s team and all, this visit holds more meaning than, say, the Patriots rolling through for the umpteenth time.

While the rally was going on, starting catcher Kurt Suzuki took the opportunity to wear a "Make American Great Again" hat as he walked up to meet Donald Trump. Trump was a fan, and gave him a very weird hug from the back that will be all over the internet in less time than it takes you to read this blog.

"I love you all," Suzuki announced to the crowd after throwing on the hat. Sounds like it was met with a rather mixed reaction.

This will surely be a talking point for a while.