Video: Klay Thompson Limps Off With Hamstring Injury

Ryan Glasspiegel

Klay Thompson left tonight’s game against the Raptors. He shot a three-pointer and came down awkwardly with spread out legs. The situation seemed to get worse and worse until he could not move on the court anymore.

Here’s where he really started having trouble moving:

The Warriors are having a tough evening from an availability perspective. Stephen Curry left the game in the first half, apparently sick, but has since returned. Andre Iguodola took a hard but legal screen from Marc Gasol and has also since returned. Kevon Looney is out for the remainder of the game with a sprained shoulder.

Thompson has never missed a playoff game in his career and it warrants monitoring if he will return to Game 2 and also what his availability will be for Game 3 on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Klay Thompson has left hamstring tightness and will not return to tonight’s game, Doris Burke reports on ESPN.

UPDATE II: Good news for Warriors fans: