VIDEO: Kirk Herbstreit Is a Proud Father

Kyle Koster

Clemson destroyed Georgia Tech, 52-14, Thursday night in Death Valley. The defending national champions look very good and Dabo Swinney’s tremendous recruiting streak has allowed the cupboards to be restocked with top talent. He’s also attracted walk-ons with elite college football bloodlines like Tye and Jack Herbstreit.

Their father was on hand for College GameDay, which is a fortuitous bit of scheduling. Kirk kept it together pretty well as the show highlighted the specialness of the evening.

If the Tigers keep throttling opponents, there will be plenty of garbage time minutes for the lower-levels of the depth chart to get action. Maybe a special teams touchdown is in the future for the Brothers Herbie.

If that happens, it puts the producers up in Bristol in a real pickle as the pressure to put that on Top Plays has to be immense. Good problem for the ESPN family to have, though.