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VIDEO: Juwan Howard Takes a Swing During Ugly Michigan-Wisconsin Brawl

Kyle Koster

A tense ending in Madison ended up in a major brawl during the postgame handshake line that featured Wolverines head coach Juwan Howard grabbing Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft's face. The two teams continued to get violent for a considerable amount of time until the situation was brought under control.

Gard had called a late timeout with the final outcome already decided that drew the ire of Howard. They exchanged words briefly before their respective staffs tried to intervene unsuccessfully.

Howard will be looking at a significant suspension and Michigan leadership will have to weigh the cost-benefit of going forward with a coach who delivered a blow to the head of an opponent in anger. Multiple players will also be looking at punishment for their role in the melee.

Postgame dustups aren't rare. Head coaches instigating and escalating certainly is.