VIDEO: Julian Edelman Gives Spot-On Bill Belichick Impression


Julian Edelman has come a long way from being a seventh-round pick in the 2011 NFL draft. He became the greatest QB of all time’s favorite receiver and won Super Bowl MVP. He’s now reaping the benefits that come with reaching the height of his career, including a Showtime documentary on his life that premieres this Friday.

In an effort to promote the documentary, Edelman has been on a mini-press tour, and last night gave us the best impression of Bill Belichick we’ve seen thus far. It’s reasonable to assume it may remain the best until Belichick’s retirement, when poking fun at the gruff coach won’t have any consequences.

It’s the “hmmph” at the end of the sentences that really sells it. I’m sure Edelman gave flashbacks to more than a few reporters who have been on the receiving end of a Belichick death stare and subsequent “hmmph” in a post-game press conference. Maybe Edelman will rekindle the connection with his Californian roots after football and become an actor. Based on this performance, he’d only have access to some pretty niche roles, though.

Football season can’t get here soon enough. Belichick impressions are nothing compared to the real thing.