VIDEO: Jose Iglesias Came This Close to Making an All-Time Great Web Gem

Kyle Koster

The box score indicates Starlin Castro rapped out a single in the seventh inning of last night’s Marlins-Reds game. But not all base hits are created equally. This one, for example, was almost thwarted with an all-time great shortstop play by the incomparable Jose Iglesias.

To be able to make a strong and accurate throw like that from such position is a mind-boggling feat. Iglesias barely had time to pick up his first baseman and basically had to use his left knee as a pivot foot, while his momentum was still carrying him into right-center mind you. Perhaps most impressive is the smoothness of motion and overall ho-hum demeanor on display.

It’s as if Iglesias was saying, non-verbally, yeah you should expect me to do this. Or maybe he was freaking out about it in real time wondering how the actual hell he was doing it. I’m not a mindreader.

For the casual observer, it’s a shame Castro didn’t loaf out of the box so the 6-3 putout could have been completed. Still a beautiful thing to watch.