VIDEO: Joe Tessitore Suggests Freaking Lasers In Lieu of First Down Stick and Chain

Ryan Glasspiegel
Al Bello/Getty Images

One of the oddities in football is that everything is calibrated to the absolute inch on replay reviews, but when it comes to spotting the ball we have the wildly inexact science of an official eyeballing where it should be placed and then the comic sequence of guys running out with the stick and chain first down marker for the measurement. Joe Tessitore has had it with that:

"I'm all for nostalgia," he said. "But we have microchips in shoulder pads. Can we stop with metal sticks and chain links in this sport? We could laser grid the fields here and speed this up."

Tess ain't wrong here. As an aside, it's fun to imagine that there's some restaurant he loves in Pittsburgh that closes at midnight and if this game doesn't hurry up it's gonna be like a year until he can go there again.