Video: Jay Williams Has Poignant Reaction to Kobe Bryant's Death

Ryan Glasspiegel
Jay Williams on Kobe Bryant
Jay Williams on Kobe Bryant /

Jay Williams, speaking on ESPN2 in the aftermath of Kobe Bryant's death, fought back tears as he emphasized for the audience to focus on what really matters in life:

"I hope that everybody at home, you give that person next to you -- whatever thing you have wrong in your life with them; it might be small or big -- let that shit go. It doesn't matter. I know I cursed I'm sorry. None of that stuff matters, man. This is about life, and being precious with every damn second we have here. From someone who knows, it almost happened to me. Like that, man, it's just over. Randomly. Arbitrarily. His four girls, his wife, we need to come around them, and support them, and help them."