VIDEO: James Harden Shows Off New One-Legged 3-Pointer in Preseason Debut

Stephen Douglas
Shanghai Sharks v Houston Rockets
Shanghai Sharks v Houston Rockets / Bob Levey/Getty Images

James Harden has been working on a new move over the summer and he broke it out in the Houston Rockets' first preseason game. Early in the first quarter against the Shanghai Sharks, Harden showed off a new one-legged 3-pointer. As you can see, Russell Westbrook really enjoyed it.

Harden's new moved had showed up on social media over the last couple months, mostly with Harden making the shots. Seeing Harden's first NBA attempt miss will have people second-guessing him even trying it, but remember that Harden missed 1,066 three-pointers last season. How many of those were lesser quality than anything this one-legged shot will generate?