VIDEO: Jake DeBrusk Tells His Father He Loves Him During In-Game Interview

Kyle Koster
Jake and Louie DeBrusk
Jake and Louie DeBrusk /

Boston Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk was interviewed by his dad, SportsNet broadcaster Louie DeBrusk, on Wednesday night. The elder DeBrusk works as a color analyst for Hockey Night in Canada and his son was playing hockey. At night! In Canada! Their interaction was way more heartfelt than the typical on-ice chat where the player wants nothing more than for it to be all over.

Good-natured razzing about classic boring father stories and the integrity of an aging gentleman's hairline is the recipe for an added-value sideline report. These two clearly embraced the moment and had fun with it.

But folks, you're not human if that little "love you" at the end didn't make you feel actual emotions. The DeBrusk duo is far from the first family to be represented in the booth and on the playing surface, and it's always interesting to see how the topic is broached, if at all.

This time it was tackled head-on and the result is a nice, family-friendly clip to enjoy amid the mess of other stuff out there.

Also, the term "kiddo" is underutilized. Would like to see it gain more popularity.