VIDEO: 8.5 Minutes of Ja Morant Getting Buckets Is Something to Behold

Ryan Glasspiegel
Ja Morant in Vancouver Grizzlies throwback jersey
Ja Morant in Vancouver Grizzlies throwback jersey / Brandon Dill/Getty Images

We are, for the immediate time being, deprived of Ja Morant as he is week-to-week recovering from back spasms. But it's a good time to take stock of just how electric he has already been in his rookie season with the Memphis Grizzlies. Bleacher Report put together an 8.5-minute mixtape of his offensive highlights from November, and when you see it all together like this it's pretty clear you're watching a special talent:

Please don't sound the hot take alarms and say I'm comparing Morant to Michael Jordan in totality, but: The way Morant hangs in the air for a split second longer than anyone else, facilitating buckets when it looked like a defender had him dead to rights, bears some resemblance to the fabled MJ glide. There, I said it.