VIDEO: Irritated Jim Harbaugh Ends Press Conference After Scolding Reporter

Kyle Koster

Freshmen Kareem Walker, Ahmir Mitchell and Shelton Johnson were not in Michigan football’s team picture. At the time, media was told the trio had other commitments.

Jim Harbaugh was asked about the players’ status after today’s practice and revealed two of the them had been suspended. He declined to answer a follow-up question asking which two he was referring to. (It was later revealed to be Mitchell and Johnson).

“We’ll handle that internally,” he said.

A question about the length of said suspensions then drew his ire.

“That’s why I don’t give you any information cause you’re never satisfied,” a clearly irritated Harbaugh said. “You want a second question, a third question, a fourth question. I just said we’d handle it internally. Thank you.”

Tough month for anyone asking questions to a major football coach in the state of Michigan.

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