VIDEO: Indiana Ran An All-Time Bad Fake Punt Against Penn State

By Geoff Magliocchetti
Indiana v Ball State
Indiana v Ball State / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

After Saturday, horribly executed fake punts are becoming as much of an Indiana tradition as the state fair, bonfires, and the Covered Bridge Festival.

The professional Colts ran the worst fake punt in NFL history in an ill-fated attempt to topple the New England Patriots four years ago. On Saturday, the Indiana Hoosiers attempted a similar beast, the ninth-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions via special teams trickery. Unfortunately for the state, it appears the Hoosiers followed the 2015 Colts' game plan a little too closely.

In the early stages of the third quarter, the Hoosiers trailed 20-14. Facing a one-yard fourth down near midfield, Indiana called timeout and eventually opted for an apparent punt. Trickery in such a situation was completely understandable...but not this.

Spread out on the offensive line, the Hoosier ran a direct snap to personal protector Peyton Hendershot. Cursed with possession, Hendershot briefly attempted to get the ball back to the punter, but opted for the immediate, more conservative loss, when the PSU defenders invaded the backfield.

Blessed with Hoosier charity, the Nitanny Lions needed just two plays to capitalize, as Journey Brown went 35 yards for the score, putting them up by two possessions.