VIDEO: Huge Crowd Rushes to Jump Over Fence at Lollapalooza

Kyle Koster

Lollapalooza is a thing that happens each August in Chicago that is very fun for the attendees and extremely annoying to the non-attendees. There is music and top-notch throwback jersey viewing. This year, there’s a new element and it looks like something out of a nature documentary.

Here is a throng of people hopping over a fence to gain access to Grant Park. Things go from 0 to 60 extremely quickly and the poor chain-link barrier has little chance of survival.

Stick around for the surprise ending.

"just saw over a hundred kids hop the fence in a matter of seconds to sneak into @lollapalooza. and only one kid caught caught. ? — Jeremy Cohen (@jerm_cohen) August 2, 2019"

It just goes to show that while you can’t put a price on the transformative power of music, you can affix a price tag to dignity. In this case that happens to be whatever a face value ticket is going for right now.