VIDEO: Houston's Dejon Jarreau Ejected for Biting a Guy

Kyle Koster
Houston v South Carolina
Houston v South Carolina / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Cincinnati-Houston is the type of American action you can really sink your teeth into, but it's important to know one's limits. Cougars guard Dejon Jarreau got a bit carried away fighting for a loose ball in the second half and earned a disqualification after officials determined he bit Keith Williams.

Now, I'm not one to question what I saw with my own eyes. But I were a lawyer, it'd be worth pointing out that there's no way this was predetermined. Jarreau would have had to come up with his masterplan to feast on flesh while falling through the air.

Of course, biting is frowned upon unless both parties of are age and it's consensual. The Bearcats won, 64-62.