VIDEO: Here's Ed Reed's Full Hall of Fame Speech and Sweet Bust

Kyle Koster

Ed Reed was the breakout start of Pro Football’s Hall of Fame weekend. The longtime Baltimore Ravens superstar created poignant and unavoidable social commentary, got a few zingers in at the one-time doubters, and brought the house down with a memorable speech. Here it is in full. Much was expected and much was delivered.

Reed had the cool confidence of a man dressed like Dick Tracy who had been smoking cigars all day, for obvious reasons. Even slipping up and thanking Bill Belichick instead of Brian Billick couldn’t derail this thing.

As impressive as Reed and the other inductees were, the most impressive thing on display was the above bust. The attention to detail is fantastic.

Some are calling it the best bust ever.

Others are saying it belongs in the Hall of Fame. And these people should be delighted to know that, yeah, that’s exactly where it’s going to reside.