VIDEO: Hassan Whiteside Flinched and Flexed at Jonas Valanciunas

Stephen Douglas
Hassan Whiteside covering his face.
Hassan Whiteside covering his face. / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Hassan Whiteside and Jonas Valanciunas got into a short, yet hilarious confrontation at the end of the Memphis Grizzlies - Portland Trail Blazers game on Wednesday. Towards the end of the Grizzlies win, Whiteside had a putback dunk that brought Portland within seven points with 19.5 seconds remaining. He took the opportunity to mean mug Valanciunas who faked throwing the ball at him. Whiteside flinched and briefly squared up.

There's quite a combination of reactions from Whiteside in this short clip. Both players got a technical foul and Whiteside was ejected. Probably for the best. While both guys are listed at 265, Whiteside might have found himself physically overmatched if it had come to blows.