VIDEO: Watch Harry Caray Interview Michael Jordan Before a Cubs-White Sox Exhibition

Harry Caray.
Harry Caray. / VINCENT LAFORET/Getty Images

The rabbit holes I'm traveling down today in anticipation of ESPN's documentary about Michael Jordan are amazing. From Twitter to Google to Sports Reference to Google to YouTube, watching Harry Caray's interview with Michael Jordan was not something I anticipated doing when this Sunday began.

Yet there I was, after that search sequence, at around 3:45 p.m. EST, watching a nine-minute clip from a Cubs-White Sox exhibition game where Caray, the Cubs legendary announcer, interviewed Jordan ahead of his professional baseball debut with the Sox. You don't have to go through a rabbit hole with me, but it might be worth watching this interview with two of the most iconic people in Chicago sports history.

Caray starts the interview off with his typical excitement for the moment, saying seeing Jordan in a baseball uniform is the biggest thrill of his life. Then Caray offers an amazing anecdote about him talking with Jordan's father about them playing playing catch when Jordan was a kid. Jordan's father had died less than a year before.

The second part that stands out is Caray talking about Jordan's issues with hitting. He says it in a playful way and Jordan responded with some interesting insight about his own issues, talking about needing to get into a rhythm, which he never did.

A few other interesting notes: Jordan can't ice skate or swim. Or at least he couldn't when this was filmed in 1994. Just thought it was a cool piece of information. Guess that's what you learn when you travel down the internet rabbit hole.