VIDEO: Getting High and Calling Stephen A. Smith Seems Like a Bad Idea

Kyle Koster

Stephen A. Smith has made his feelings about marijuana known many times. He would prefer you stay off of it. Especially if you’re a professional athlete and it’s going to cost you money. For all of the ESPN personality’s many talents, being an ally for those who enjoy taking the edge off with the drug is not one of them.

That’s why what happened this week was so interesting. Someone, knowing full well what would happen, decided to partake and then call into Smith’s radio show.

It went how one would expect it to go.

Not sure why a person would do this, but I’m glad they did.

There’s no official guidebook but I’d say the best ESPN shows to call in while altered are:

  1. Paul Finebaum
  2. Golic & Wingo
  3. Wake n’ Take with Stugotz

Stephen A. is down around No. 12.