VIDEO: Georgia Fans Go Pink in Tribute For Arkansas State Head Coach

By Geoff Magliocchetti

Georgia football earned a big win before Saturday’s game against Arkansas State even kicked off.

The stands of Sanford Stadium in Athens were filled not with the traditional red of the Bulldogs, but rather bright shades were pink as the locals prepared to battle the Red Wolves. Such a move was organized by the faithful as a tribute for Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson. Anderson lost his wife Wendy to breast cancer on August 20. Pink is a color very often associated with breast cancer awareness.

Shirtless fans seated behind Sanford’s famous hedges were painted pink, with their backs each bearing a letter to spell out the message “REMEMBER WENDY”.

Anderson would express his gratitude toward the fans, and others who have assisted him through this tough time, in a pregame interview with ESPN’s Lauren Sisler.