VIDEO: Former MLB Player Gets Mad, Hits Catcher with Bat in Venezuelan Game

Bobby Burack
Alex Romero
Alex Romero /

It turns out former MLB player Alex Romero is not one to get beaned in a Venezuelan winter league game and let it go unpunished. After being hit, Romero turned around and smacked the catcher with his baseball bat. Then he swung at him again.

Talk about assault during a game. Imagine what was going through his head when he elected to attack this catcher with a weapon. Or wasn't. After watching this video repeatedly, I concluded this was a rougher look than when Myles Garrett infamously swung his helmet at Mason Rudolph in November. I don't know about you, but if forced to choose, hit me with your helmet, not your baseball bat.

As for Romero, this episode could land him on the valuable "Way to stay relevant baseball" segment on Pardon My Take. Though, this episode doesn't bode well for his case to return to the MLB.