VIDEO: Eric Bledsoe Tried to Bring "Ball's Live" to the NBA, Failed

Kyle Koster
Cleveland Cavaliers v Milwaukee Bucks
Cleveland Cavaliers v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Eric Bledsoe is a key cog in a Milwaukee Bucks' machine perfectly capable of winning an NBA championship now that the Golden State Warriors are taking a gap year. He has the talent but just needs a bit more seasoning in crucial moments. The guard will also have to improve upon his understanding of the sport's rules. That's not a dig, that's just the truth.

Because all bets are off after someone does this.

There are two types of ballers who pull such a move. One is the last guy on the bench for a sixth-grade C-team who gets so nervous upon finally entering the game that they don't know what to do with their hands. The other is a seasoned pickup-run player who enjoys nothing more than pushing the Ball's Live envelope in hopes of snagging a quick transition bucket while the other team is catching its breath.

We all owe Bledsoe a debt of gratitude for finally showing what it takes to get an NBA ref to call an unauthorized shuffling of feet. A person could be forgiven for believing the infraction had gone extinct.