VIDEO: Enes Kanter Takes a Fun Potshot at Kyrie Irving Over Jersey Number

Liam McKeone

It took Kyrie Irving less than half a year to go from one of Boston’s more beloved figures to easily its most hated. The Nets’ new point guard had a lot to say about why he wanted to stay in Boston leading up to the All-Star break, including a Nike commercial with his dad where he says he wants to be the reason no one else will wear No. 11 for the Celtics.

As we’re all aware, Irving changed his tune with shocking speed, and ended up as a Brooklyn Net as soon as free agency began. The Celtics recovered and ended up with Kemba Walker, who isn’t exactly a bad Plan B. Boston also ended up with Enes Kanter, a solid offensive big man and well-known troll. Before the signing was officially announced, Kanter posted edits of himself in a No. 11 Celtics jersey, and retweeted the legions of Celtics fans who sent him pictures of his name taped over Irving’s.

At his introductory press conference, Kanter couldn’t help but take a fun shot at the man who previously donned his jersey number.

Even if he doesn’t do anything for the team, fans adore him already. Irving probably isn’t the biggest fan, even if it was clearly in good fun. Kanter has already won the hearts of the thousands of fans who still feel scorned by the enigmatic point guard who made such a sudden heel turn.

There’s now a new No. 11 in town, and he’ll milk the storyline for all its worth.