VIDEO: Dude Violently Fumbles Lady Gaga Off the Stage

Kyle Koster
2019 Getty Entertainment - Social Ready Content
2019 Getty Entertainment - Social Ready Content / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Life's fickle path can change drastically in a single moment. Consider the sad story of the man invited up onstage during Lady Gaga's concert in Las Vegas last night. Definitely one of the best things to ever happen to him, or anyone really. Until his body failed and caused a high-priced fumble. Both he and Gaga awkwardly crashed to the ground in what can only be described as taking the phrase "break a leg" too literally.

That, uh, is going to be hard to live down.

Gaga is a hockey player though and toughed it out, returning the the stage to sing pop songs and dance. The guy? Well, he probably went back to his hotel room hoping the entire internet would disappear forever overnight, to no avail.