VIDEO: Draymond Green Kicked Andre Roberson in the Face

Kyle Koster

The NBA declined to suspend Draymond Green for kicking Steven Adams in the groin. Many men consider that region to be an important part of the body.

Also important? The face.

Green continued his Rockette-like moves in Game 5 because the league has already sent the message that he won’t be punished for his actions.

The Warriors forward swung his leg up high after a missed layup. It either connected with Andre Roberson’s face or came extremely close to connecting. The Thunder guard didn’t react like most people would if kicked in the head. Then again, he’s much tougher than the average Joe.

The play got relatively little attention on social media during the game and wasn’t a focus of postgame discussion. So I’m not holding my breath waiting for another day of Will Draymond Green be suspended?

Look, dissecting every potential dirty play by Green like it’s the Zapruder film will eventually have diminishing returns. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the problem of a dude crane-kicking above the shoulders without any apparent consequence.

Maybe the Thunder should come out wearing helmets on Saturday night. Safety is important.

UPDATE: There’s more.