VIDEO: Did LeBron James Snub A Fan For Wearing A Donald Trump Hat?

Bobby Burack

LeBron James has never been shy in his disapproval of President Donald Trump. In Game 3 against the Boston Celtics, LeBron was discarding one of his used sweat towels — the cornerstone of any souvenir collection — and may have snubbed a Trump supporter.

A man in the front row wearing Trump’s signature  “Make America Great Again” hat made eye contact with LeBron, showing him by hand gestures he wanted him to throw his sweat towel to him. After a moment of hesitation, LeBron instead looked in the man’s direction, appeared to motion like he was going to give him the towel, then threw it in the other direction:

Unless LeBron is hooked up to a polygraph, it may never be confirmed if the man was snubbed for his hat, or if LeBron even saw the fan. But given his public comments about Trump and the fact he appeared to fake the MAGA guy out, it would not at all be surprising if it was the reason.

One thing is guaranteed: If a reporter dares ask LeBron about this during media availability this week, it will be fun to watch LeBron’s response.