VIDEO: Did Bill Belichick Just Find Out Andrew Luck Retired Today? [UPDATE]


Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement was such a big story, even your family members who have never heard of him knew about the news before Sunday breakfast was finished. It was everywhere this weekend, except, of course, on the outlets that the greatest football coach of all-time Bill Belichick consumes. When speaking to reporters today – two days after the bombshell – the news was broken to Belichick that Luck was indeed gone:

What makes this so great is we have no idea if he is just finding this out or trolling all of us. Both are so easily believable. And his poker face in indistinguishable. It’s like when a wrestler has an injury and we don’t know if it was part of the script or an actual real injury. If anyone else said this, we would either know or be able to tell by their facial expressions. But if you zoom in close, Belichick is rocking the same face he does when the Patriots win or lose Super Bowls.

This is truly a great mystery.

UPDATE: The Patriots have attempted to shine some light on the situation in their post-press conference transcript.