VIDEO: Dick Vitale Bemoans All the 3s in Hoops Today. Here's My Radical Solution.

Ryan Glasspiegel

Bob Wishusen and Dick Vitale are on the ESPN call for Kentucky-Arkansas today. They were going over the replay of a low-post move, and Vitale went into a soliloquy bemoaning the lost art of the low-post game in favor of 50+ three-pointers in some NBA games:

Wishusen is right that it's a math/analytics issue, and Vitale is right that it's less fun to watch a game where the only shot attempts are dunks, layups, and three-pointers.

Now that that's settled, how do we fix it?

Moving the three-point line back would mess up the arena architecture, and the skills trajectory there makes it so that there will still be an evolution towards more and more deep shots a game.

My radical solution that will never happen: Take the rectangle of the paint up to the first or second hashmarks of the free throw line and keep that as two points. Make everything outside there but inside the three-point line worth 2.5 points. Would the game not have more aesthetic appeal if they did that?