VIDEO: David Portnoy is Apparently Very Bad at Flip Cup

Brian Giuffra
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Five
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Five / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Barstool Sports' David Portnoy is in Buffalo today for the highly-anticipated AFC East showdown between the undefeated Patriots and undefeated Bills.

As a man of the people, you knew El Prez was going to be wandering around to various tailgates, chumming it up with Bills Mafia, and enjoying the western NY hospitality. Sure enough, that's exactly what he did. There was only one problem: his amateur flip cup skills were exposed.

That's four missed attempts, plus an illegal backboard violation, for Portnoy. Not great, not enough to say he's the worst of all time. However, the question posed by an anonymous bystander in the video, "you ever play flip cup before," remains unanswered. As does the question about what Portnoy's shirt says (it appears it's about most QB wins, but I can't read the rest). Perhaps future videos will illuminate us on both questions