Video: Dave Portnoy and PFT Commenter Escorted Out of NFL Media Night

Ryan Glasspiegel

Dave Portnoy and PFT Commenter of Barstool Sports were both escorted out of media day (which moved to night a couple years ago and was renamed Opening Night, but it’ll always be media day to me!) in Atlanta this evening, after getting into the event by going in partial disguise.

Prior to being ejected from the event Portnoy warned Ndamukong Suh that he was watching him for dirtiness on Tom Brady and had a back and forth with Todd Gurley about costing him big bets by opting to go down instead of score a touchdown against the Packers. PFT Commenter had an interaction with Sean McVay (who said he’d follow through on an earlier promise to give the Pardon My Take guys suite seats to the Super Bowl), talked to Todd Gurley about cats, and asked Gronk about his favorite number being 69.

The history of Dave Portnoy vs. Roger Goodell is well documented. If the NFL were to press charges, that would probably be a content victory for Barstool here, no? In any event, cross one off the Bingo card:

Update: Portnoy says that there were charges pressed, but he wasn’t arrested: