VIDEO: Dan Patrick Rips Freddie Kitchens and the Browns

Ryan Phillips
Freddie Kitchens
Freddie Kitchens / Justin Berl/Getty Images

Dan Patrick went off on the Cleveland Browns on Monday. The Browns lost to Pittsburgh Steelers and quarterback Devlin "Duck" Hodges 20-13 on Sunday, and Patrick was all over them.

Patrick's point was that every week it seems like there's a new controversy with the Browns and that all leads back to Freddie Kitchens not acting like an adult. He's supposed to be the head coach and in control of the team but it seems like he is actually part of the problem.

Earlier in the week, Kitchens wore a "Pittsburgh Started It" T-shirt in public. That shirt obviously referred to the brawl between the Browns and Steelers during which Cleveland star Myles Garrett violently swung a helmet at Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph's head. Wearing that shirt was an unnecessary distraction the week of a big game against the Steelers.

Here's Patrick's rant, which was spot-on:

The Browns are talented, but are currently languishing at 5-7. With a better, more mature coach they could be a playoff team.