VIDEO: Marcus Spears Had a Big Ol' Laugh at Dan Orlovsky's Joe Burrow-Trevor Lawrence Take

Kyle Koster

Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence are both exceptional quarterbacks having exceptional years. But there is no place for lukewarm takes like this on morning television. One must pick a side.

Dan Orlovsky, who has a bit of a Clark Kent thing going on these days, caused some shockwaves on the Get Up set Monday by choosing Lawrence. His co-worker Marcus Spears, noted LSU backer, was not having it.

It's a great blessing to be passionate about something to the point you have to walk away from your desk and process information that flies in the face of your beliefs. We should all be so lucky. Laughter is the best medicine.

Burrow is going to win the Heisman Trophy and the clear No. 1 in most minds. But it's also possible to make a reasonable argument for Clemson's main man.

Contra to ESPN's short-lived claim that Numbers Never Lie, they rarely tell the whole story. Lawrence isn't playing the same caliber of opponent week in and week out. That's why you have to watch the games. Get a screening room and eat tape, man.

Everyone who loves Clemson, including Dabo Swinney, now has a chance to prove how silly it's been to undervalue them. There's a very good chance we're sitting here a month from now having a much different discussion about how these two quarterbacks stacked up when it mattered most.